Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Solution Assessments

Migrating to cloud platforms is a big step for your business. This is where most businesses make mistakes by overlooking the importance of cost analysis and cloud feasibility for their IT infrastructure. Not every business has the availability of expertise and tools to map out its cloud migration strategy. Making a hasty migration decision can cause you a lot of issues in the future.

Cloud Solution Assessment is the optimal option for businesses through which they can devise the best cloud migration strategy and its relevant costs. This state-of-the-art process covers all the ins and outs of cloud migration for small businesses as well as large enterprises across all business domains. Let’s see how an effective cloud solution assessment strategy can bring you data-driven insights for your cloud migration.

Cloud Security Assessment

Most businesses are concerned about the security of their data while shifting to the cloud for the first time. You can mitigate all the security threats and risks beforehand by going through the entire security posture of your organization.

Doing so will highlight all the hidden security risks which may cause you serious trouble in the future. Moreover, businesses also get remediation recommendations through this assessment to eradicate the highlighted security risks.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Everything in your IT infrastructure, covering data and applications, needs to be mapped out properly in your cloud migration strategy. How much will this migration cost you? Are there any dormant resources that need to be removed? What architecture suits your business the best? All these insights can be covered efficiently through cloud migration assessment. In this way, businesses can validate internal business investments with minimal risks.

Application Modernization

Cloud solution assessment can optimize the ways you move your IT infrastructure from legacy environments to cloud platforms. These assessment solutions can help in all kinds of application modernization patterns like Life and Shift, Refactoring, and Replatforming. If you are planning your migration strategy, then this is the right time to leverage Cloud solution assessments for application modernization on public cloud platforms, private clouds, and hybrid clouds.

Workforce Productivity

Cloud platforms may be a new experience for you and your workforce. You would never want to compromise your business productivity during this phase. Cloud solution assessments bring you a wide range of collaboration tools and technologies that can add to your workforce productivity after migration.