Why is Azure App Service Worth Trying?

Developing and deploying apps has become easier and more convenient with the introduction of cloud computing services. Long gone are those days when businesses had limitations of resources and infrastructure to develop, run, and manage their enterprise applications. Microsoft Azure has introduced a state-of-the-art service for businesses where they can create enterprise-ready web and mobile apps with the assurance of top-notch performance and data security.
Is Azure App Service worth trying? Does it offer the benefits that solve most of the app development and deployment issues? These are one of the most common concerns that businesses have before opting for new technology. Let’s get a sneak peek into some of the standout benefits of using Azure App Service:

Optimal App Development Options

Why build from scratch when you have Azure App Service offering a wide range of frameworks and integration options to develop your applications? Your developers can use Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio integration to acquire the benefits of the finest development tools available out there.
You can use deployment slots to mitigate all the risks associated with downtime and app updates. Azure App Service offers you optimal convenience and tools to gain complete control over your app development mechanism.

Highly Secure Digital Environment

Security is something that cannot be compromised at all. Even a trivial loophole in your security mechanism can put the security of your application at risk. There is an Azure Web Application Firewall where you can set custom rules to ensure the security of your data. You no longer have to deal with the issues like false positives or cross-site scripting if you have utilized the Azure Web Application the right way.

Built-in Monitoring

Finding defects and issues in your applications is no more difficult due to high-end troubleshooting made possible by App Service Diagnostics. You can use Risk Alerts to acquire real-time actionable reports that help you in improving your application by all measures. All the configuration checks are performed by the Risk Alerts. You can simply carry out these checks and use their findings to explore all the issues.

Scalability Assured

Are you concerned about the influx of traffic on your application and its impact on the consumption of your app resources? Azure App Service has got you covered. Now you can perform traffic routing and load-balancing to ensure optimal scaling of the resources of your application.