Tips To Improve Your Cloud Cost Management

The massive popularity of cloud platforms like microsoft azure has improved business models by various measures. Businesses not only get better productivity with cloud computing platforms but also get opportunities to improve their it costs. But this cost reduction can only be achieved if businesses are aware of all the ins and outs of their cost structure. Let’s get a sneak peek into the tips which can help businesses in improving their cost management on cloud platforms.

Maintain Cost Visibility

The main purpose of cloud platforms is to provide businesses with optimum performance at the most competitive costs. The best approach to take your first step towards optimal cost management is to maintain clear visibility of your costs. Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of tools to offer visibility, monitoring, and analytics to businesses across different industries.

Leverage Azure Advisor

You may not be able to identify the best deployment practices which can save you a lot of operational costs. This is where Azure Advisor acts as a resourceful personalized cloud consultant to provide you with recommendations to reduce your unwanted cloud costs. Businesses can improve reliability, security, performance, cost, and operational excellence using Azure Advisor. All such factors contribute to the reduction of cloud costs.
Azure Advisor keeps proper track of your cloud usage for the last 30 days. You can resize or shut down machines according to the recommendations provided by Azure Advisor.

Shut Down Unused Resources

There would surely be some idle virtual machines which are left unnoticed. All such unused machines end up stacking your operational costs. The efforts don’t end here. You should also keep a proper check on the resources which are underutilized. Optimal usage of virtual machines is the factor that contributes to the reduction of cloud costs.

Utilize Azure Hybrid Benefits

You might have heard about or used the Pay-As-You-Go model in Azure. With Azure Hybrid, businesses can save a lot of costs on their virtual machines while ensuring the provision of maximum value from your Windows Server licenses. You have to pay for both the underlying infrastructure and the SQL Server license if you do not acquire Azure Hybrid Benefits.

Use Azure Containers

Now you can accumulate all the libraries, files, code, and such application-specific elements within an Azure Container. These containers prove to be cheaper than virtual machines. Developers get complete freedom to develop package applications using the immutable infrastructure provided by Azure Containers.