Why Use Azure Firewall?

Security is something that should not be compromised at all. Long gone are those days when businesses used to rely on lackluster security measures to run their IT operations. The introduction of cloud computing has brought the revolution to a wide range of aspects of IT infrastructure. Besides offering optimum performance, cloud platforms have also improved security for businesses where they can adopt state-of-the-art security measures to prevent cyberattacks.
You might have heard about Azure Firewall if you are aware of cloud computing. Let’s get an overview of what is Azure Firewall and what benefits it provides to businesses.

What is Azure Firewall?

Azure Firewall is a network security service offered by Microsoft Azure to monitor and mitigate all unwanted activities on the cloud. Azure Firewall allows businesses to offer threat-intelligence-based filtering. Azure Firewall covers all kinds of security threats like Denial-of-Service protection, basic traffic monitoring, or any other security threat.
Azure Firewall acts as a cloud-based network security service that comprises all the features to protect the resources under utilization on the cloud.

Benefits of Azure Firewall

Optimum Threat Intelligence

Putting your efforts into protection against security threats is always a smart approach. This is where you can use Azure Firewall to detect all the malicious domains and sources before they cause any significant damage to your network security. Users can be provided with alerts of such security threats beforehand.

Traffic Filtering

Access control is necessary to prevent security risks. Azure Firewall gives you the feature to set rules against the access of unauthorized or malicious entities. Your network will be able to identify all the users from any connection within the network which can pose security threats.
You can allocate Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) tags to all the users which are allowed to enter the network by passing through the firewall.

Azure Monitor Logging

All the events occurring within your subscription, or the modifications made to the resources are kept within the Azure Activity Log. You can view the activity log any time and assess all the changes made to the events.

Real-Time Traffic Inspection

The intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) feature allows you to monitor the traffic within your network and the activities performed by the users. You can get instant alerts to ensure optimal security against malicious attacks. All the inbound and outbound traffic can be filtered with Azure Firewall.